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decorative painting/faux finishes/murals/fine art


I have been practicing both decorative painting and fine art for over twenty five years.  My passion and commitment for art are rooted in classical European tradition.  This tradition, along with contemporary technology and materials allows, I feel, for the best combination of artistic design and expression that I can offer a client.  In our fast paced conformist world, personalized art and artistic finishes can add the individuality and uniqueness that so many seek in their surroundings.



Decorative painting is as old as mankind.  From prehistorical cave dwellings, to the refined architecture of Renaissance and Baroque Europe, to our own present time, painted decoration continues as a time honored art form.  My website is a representation of the scope of my own journey in decorative painting.  It does not, of course, include everything that I have done or can do.  I will, therefore, continue to add new projects of interest, over the course of time, to this site.  In the moment, however, I invite you to view my site and certainly hope that you enjoy it.

Thank You....Tracy Lindsey  



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